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Understanding the Progression of Addiction

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Addiction is a complex and multifaceted condition that affects individuals from all walks of life. It unfolds in distinct stages, each marked by specific behaviors and challenges.

It typically commences with experimentation, where individuals initiate substance use out of curiosity or social influences without an assured progression to addiction. As use intensifies, it transitions into regular use, becoming a consistent part of one’s routine. The subsequent stage involves risky use and preoccupation, characterized by increased frequency, mood swings, and interpersonal conflicts.

Dependence is a critical turning point, indicating both physical and psychological reliance on the substance. At this stage, withdrawal symptoms manifest upon attempts to reduce or discontinue use. The final stage is addiction or substance use disorder (SUD), a clinically diagnosed condition marked by a compulsive need to use, loss of control, increased tolerance, and continued use despite adverse consequences. When it reaches this stage, it is empirical to seek immediate support from addiction care services.

As a trusted provider of behavioral health services in Island Tranquility Hospital Lagos, we understand the intricacies of addiction’s progression. Our dedicated team employs evidence-based practices to address the condition effectively.

By employing evidence-based practices such as behavioral therapy in Lagos and more, we strive to provide comprehensive support. Our approach integrates personalized treatment plans, therapeutic interventions, and ongoing support to address addiction with empathy and expertise.

Island Tranquility Hospital is your trusted partner if you’re looking for wellness services that address addiction and other mental health concerns.

Our services encompass physical health services in Lagos, promoting overall well-being. Contact us today for compassionate and comprehensive care on your journey to recovery and holistic wellness.

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